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Allow myself to introduce... myself. My name is Lucas Baltes. I live in Denver, Colorado which is located in the USA. In my spare time I enjoy computers, reading, snowboarding, listening to music and watching movies. My professional career, which now extends over 15 years, reflects my interest in software development, databases, networks and computers in general.

My first computer, which I got as a present when I was around 12 years old, was a Sanyo MPC-100. This machine was powered by a Z80 processor running at a whopping 3.6 Mhz and had 64 kilobytes, that's right, kilobytes of RAM. I bet my mobile phone today has more memory and runs faster than that. When the Sanyo was outdated I shared an Amiga 500 with my brother, followed by an Amiga 1200. Since then it's mostly been x86 based machines. My operating system of choice is Linux.

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Self-portrait 2007

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